Mounting System With 4 Horizontal Panels on Concrete


Vestt construction has been produced as a solution to land type ges projects. It can be applied to all kinds of land types with the concrete floor it is on. It has 4 horizontal panel layouts. Compatible with all panel sizes.

It can be applied to all floors thanks to its installation on a concrete floor. Our clamps are compatible with all panel types thanks to their adjustable length. Two pieces are applied to the right and left parts of the panel, the movement of the panel is prevented.


  • Minimum 4x3 horizontal panel layout
  • Maksimum 4x20 horizontal panel layout
  • It’s suitable for all panel types
  • It has a double column structure
  • Applied on concrete floor. It is suitable for allterrain types.
  • It has maximum resistance
  • Made of 6063 Aluminum